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Outer Area Growth Corridor, Thiruvananthapuram

Government of Kerala in order to meet future growth requirements of Thiruvananthapuram has initiated the Capital Region Development Project (CRDP). Thus CRDP proposes to develop an  approximately 45km long 6 lane highway Outer Area Growth Corridor project.  The Outer Area … Continue reading

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On the Marine Superhighway – The Gateway to the Indian Subcontinent

A review of the facts, including state-of-the-art satellite information about marine traffic off the coast of Trivandrum, reveals the fallacies in the arguments being raised against the Vizhinjam project. Continue reading

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Vizhinjam Seaport- Facts amidst Falsehoods!

As the Vizhinjam deep-water port project seems to be gathering steam, to borrow an appropriately nautical expression, with the Kerala Cabinet clearing the bid submitted by Adani Ports, India’s largest port operator, a storm still seems to swirl around the project in the media and in the perception of the general public. A storm of deliberate misinformation generated by a plethora of vested interests operating against the project and against the interests of Trivandrum, Kerala and India. These range from uneducated politicians, to malicious pseudo-environmentalists to unemployed lawyers. Unfortunately, this miasma has been getting so widespread, that’s long overdue that we call out and dispel the allegations raised by these hostile forces. Continue reading

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Vizhinjam Project – An Open Response to Shri. M.A. Baby

The comments made by Shri M.A. Baby in his Facebook page regarding the Vizhinjam project seem to be based on incomplete facts. All these “concerns” and relevant facts were made available to the public by VISL through their website at … Continue reading

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Vizhinjam – Turning Turtle?

An abrupt change in strategy by the State Government threatens to set the Vizhinjam project back by years if not scuttled for good. It’s urgent that the misconceptions being created around this move be discussed and prompt action be taken … Continue reading

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It is action time: Vizhinjam Port needs your help!!

Dear people of Trivandrum, leaving this vital port project to state politicians and hostile bureaucrats is not going to help!  So is sitting idle and just crying at our fate!!  Here is a detailed article on what is happening Here … Continue reading

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A Vision for Vizhinjam: Crowdsourcing an Improved Project Plan

Over the last few months, the saga of Kerala’s flagship infrastructure project – the Vizhinjam deep water port and container transshipment terminal – has wound a new stretch in its long running and tortuous route – losing its lone bidder … Continue reading

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