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Vizhinjam Seaport- Facts amidst Falsehoods!

As the Vizhinjam deep-water port project seems to be gathering steam, to borrow an appropriately nautical expression, with the Kerala Cabinet clearing the bid submitted by Adani Ports, India’s largest port operator, a storm still seems to swirl around the project in the media and in the perception of the general public. A storm of deliberate misinformation generated by a plethora of vested interests operating against the project and against the interests of Trivandrum, Kerala and India. These range from uneducated politicians, to malicious pseudo-environmentalists to unemployed lawyers. Unfortunately, this miasma has been getting so widespread, that’s long overdue that we call out and dispel the allegations raised by these hostile forces. Continue reading

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Vizhinjam’s role in a South Indian Industrial Corridor

The Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor has been making progress over the last year or so as land acquisition for the project’s core, the Western Dedicated Freight Corridor, is nearing completion and nearly $10 Billion in funding has been tied up … Continue reading

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