“Some Updates” is an apolitical, unbiased, crowd sourced blog that aims to assemble as well as archive news articles/clippings from multiple sources, occasional first hand reports as well as photos and op-eds about the entire development spectrum of Trivandrum (including soft-power developments like entertainment, literature, art, culture etc).

In a nutshell,  topics that the mainstream media of Kerala tends to shy away from or grossly under-report.  Often critical of the status quo, “Some Updates” asks the tough questions that others never will and tries to provide answers that others don’t bother to search for.  Contributions by folks from various walks of lives and living in all corners of the globe, all passionate Trivandrumites, this blog will hopefully be an eye-opener and an archive for finding news items of developmental activity in Trivandrum.

Thanks for visiting “Some Updates” and as a certain contributor of this blog famously says “stay tuned!”

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7 Responses to About

  1. SRN says:

    Can you give me contact info (email id or ph. no.) of the author? I wanted to discuss something regarding an article in this blog.

    • tvpmupdates says:

      Thanks for looking in and commenting.

      Can you please be more specific – what aspect would you like to discuss?

      • SRN says:

        I wanted to discuss about one article posted by theevergreencity in this blog. Instead of discussing it here, if you could give me a contact info, it would be helpful.

  2. Rinu Vimal says:

    Love this blog. Keep up the good work.

    Why dont you guys buy a top level domain? Also, place some ads to generate revenue out of it. If you guys are not in this for the money, then maybe donate the revenue to charity?

    Just my 2 Cents.

    • tvpmupdates says:

      Thank you for the kind words, Rinu Vimal! We much appreciate your visiting this blog. As you might have guessed, we are not in it for the money, nor are we of the charitable type. In fact we have been called names that are less than charitable, for speaking up for Trivandrum in various forums 😀

      We started off as a place in the web to archive news reports from Malayalam media, with some annotations and translations for easy search. Later, the blog evolved into adding an occasional op-ed style article or crowd-sourced photo-features.

      If we start going after money, our laid back team of volunteers, who gather the clippings will no longer be happy. They would be pushed beyond what they can spend their personal times on this 🙂

  3. Siji Nair says:

    Metromart within the last two year was able to make its presence felt in the city and now an utility readers look upon. We target the elite residents in the city along with the visitors who look genuine information’s about our city about dining, shopping, events, entertainment etc.

    Metromart aims to raise awareness about developmental issues among the populace to create support and build a strong demand for major projects which benefit not just Trivandrum but the whole of Kerala.

    Metromart – the monthly edition which will be published in English is a complete guide to Thiruvananthapuram. The edition will cover the happenings in the city, giving its readers a wide information on Shopping, Dining, Health, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Fashion, Real Estate, Events, Holidaying and classifieds etc.

    At MetroMart, we have always kept Thiruvananthapuram Development foremost in our mind. Continuing on the same lines, we have planned to publish a special edition based on various developmental aspects in Thiruvananthapuram.

    We would like to have your views on the development process in Thiruvananthapuram.

    Kindly let us know

    · What do you think should be the top priorities in ensuring speedy development of Thiruvananthapuram?

    · Where do you view Thiruvananthapuram would stand in 2030, comparing other Global cities ?

    We request you to send us your perspectives on Thiruvananthapuram and its development. Also kindly send us a photograph of yours.

    Please mail your replies to sijicn@gmail.com

    Please call 09947733339 for any queries.

    Thanking you for sparing your valuable time,

    With Regards

    Siji Nair

    • tvpmupdates says:

      Dear Siji,

      Can you write a little writeup about your venture. Basically
      1. What is the objective
      2. What are the advantages in buying your magazine for an average Trivandrumite
      3. What are the advantages in buying your magazine for an Trivandrum based entrepreneurial/business person
      4. What are the advantages in buying your magazine for an out of state investor
      5. What are the advantages in buying your magazine for an out of state person residing in Trivandrum.


      We can blog that article, as well as post in FB pages

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