Outer Area Growth Corridor, Thiruvananthapuram

Government of Kerala in order to meet future growth requirements of Thiruvananthapuram has initiated the Capital Region Development Project (CRDP). Thus CRDP proposes to develop an  approximately 45km long 6 lane highway Outer Area Growth Corridor project.  The Outer Area Growth Corridor is conceived as the flagship project under CRDP-II aimed to achieve systematic, accelerated, integrated and environmentally responsible development of peripheral areas of Thiruvananthapuram City which will lead to improved quality of life along the economic growth in the peripheral regions while reduce the congestion and overloading of core city infrastructure.

This corridor connects all National Highways,State Highways and Arterial Roads leading to Thiruvananthapuram City from adjoining districts/states. Thiruvananthapuram City is designed to have major economic growth hubs on either side of the core city viz, Technopark/Technocity and Vizhinjam International Seaport on the northern and southern sides respectively. The main feeder roads to Thiruvananthapuram City, which are on the eastern side, viz State Highway-1, State Highway-2, State Highway-45, Neyyar Dam Road. The proposed project road will interconnect all these feeder routes and the two major economic growth centres on the north & south side of the city.




The ORR is proposed to be a NH class 6 lane signal free highway having a total Right of Way of 60m with 2 lane service roads on either side which will run across Greenfield areas in the outer area. Two Link roads are also proposed as 4 lane road having a total Right of Way of 30m to connect the ORR from Kaniyapuram (Brownfield Road) and Neyyattinkara (Greenfield Road).

The estimated total project cost is ₹1284.5 crores excluding the cost of land acquisition.

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