karimadom.com: Crafting Hues for Humanity

Karimadom is a clothing label entitled to bring hues of humanity by handcrafting a modest fashion brand. Karimadom brings out the season’s most coveted apparel trends, gorgeous outfits, breathtaking prints, pretty hues and everything else that matters for a modest lifestyle. Karimadom brings you the most elite and exclusive collection of apparels in modern, contemporary designs that range from casual/everyday wear and high street fashion to limited edition festive/occasion wear.

Karimadom sticks to its rich tradition in delivering the best from their kind. This brand exclusively strives for the empowerment of women in Karimadom Colony, a slum located near the capital city of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuramm.

The brand is ideated, manufactured and managed by a women grid who are socially enthusiastic about contributing something to society and empower women.


Karimadom is a clothing brand crafted by the women of Karimadom colony in Thiruvananthapuram through the ‘Sewing Hope’ project by Urvi Foundation.

Sewing Hope

This project ‘Sewing Hope’ for the well being of slum people in Kerala. It tries to enable the underprivileged population to lead dignified lives through productive work and build sustainable communities.

Karimadom is a slum in the outskirts of Thiruvananthapuram city in India. The slum is almost 90 years old with about 600 households. The colony is economically, socially, culturally and educationally backward. 89 % of the population do not have a permanent source of income. Lack of proper resources for the satisfaction of basic needs makes them more vulnerable. They face discrimination by the wider society.

For the overall development of the Karimadom colony, the project focuses on the empowerment of women, community development and livelihood security. So establish a branded clothing manufacturing unit by giving skill training to unemployed women of the slum community and sell them at an affordable price and Profit sharing to the needy and thereby develop a culture of modest way of clothing.



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