The Professionals who made Trivandrum International Stadium possible

We heard many politicians speak during the inauguration on 26th January 2015. Correction.  We did not to listen to many, we walked off towards the magnificent structure, once the first one started talking.  Because we felt absolutely disgusted by some of these folks in white dhothi, who were most effective in stalling this project, pat themselves on their back and of course, each other.  Some of them were shamelessly targeting the project, barely a few days back.

So we, engineering buffs, thought we will have a tribute post about the professionals (management and engineers of IL&FS, the local architect who came up with the concept and the NGS officials) who got this marvel of engineering sprint towards the finish line in barely weeks.   Trivandrum and India’s sports fans will be eternally grateful to this epic structure for sports.

This little handful of photographs are in no way complete, for without the 100s of wonderful workers, drivers, technicians, engineers, accountants etc, this would not have happened!!!


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4 Responses to The Professionals who made Trivandrum International Stadium possible

  1. You guys gave your best , But also please pave a way , so that it does not become a Govt. Monument soon enough

  2. vijay kumar v nair says:

    Wonderful to see a group of professionals giving a breath of fresh life into our own Trivandrum International Stadium. Confident that world class athletes, who will keep our tricolor high are developed in this stadium. Take a bow!

  3. RT says:

    Excellent! I am wondering why local news papers are not reporting these kind of details….

  4. Nair sivasankaran P says:

    It’s a nice set up as far as Kerala is concerned looking to the apathy towards sports and politicalisation of each and every thing below the sun. hope this will bring a new chapter in Kerala’s sports field and mind set of people towards sports other than the bandhs and strikes.

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