Trivandrum International Stadium: Status as on 18th January 2015

Over the past year, it has been a pleasure, visiting this world-class engineering project in Thiruvananthapuram and bringing photographs about the journey of one of the most wonderful cities of India.  To watch true professionals from around India (and the world) work with lightning speed, makes us ponder over what could have been, if only all our other State Govt departments work with such speed.

We are in an uplifted mood, after our visit today, what with the big constructions of the stadium (the clubhouse is on a  different schedule) all over and the site being cleaned up for the January 26th inauguration by CM.  As you can see from our pictures, the remaining works include final roof segments, some chair segments, glazing of pavilions and of course the temporary snap-on surface for the pitch.  The main approach-road has a really nice and wide footpath for the spectators to walk from the main road, as well as the six-lanes for vehicles.  Our State PWD seems to have woken up finally and the public roads around the stadium has been widened, though the surfacing seems, sad to say, sub-par.

Already the stadium is being made ready for the big party on 31st January, with lots of concert-lighting jibs et al being fixed all around the stadium.  As also a huge number of laser equipment for the show.  You can spot them in some of the photos below.

This is probably our last visit, before the inauguration.  So enjoy the photos and hope to see you at the inauguration….. 🙂 !


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