Trivandrum International Stadium: 14-Dec-2014 and 27-Dec-2014

Due to the stadium being on home-stretch of the race for completion, we visited twice, 14-Dec-2014 and 27-Dec-2014.  During 14-Dec-2014 visit, we all felt a bit pessimistic, what with lots of beam work of top-tier not getting over.  But the “Work Boss” assured us with a smile that lots of things will be done in two weeks.  So we want back on 27-Dec-2014, to check it out.  The “Work Boss” was right, he and his crew actually got most of the major work done and is moving on to final preparation of the stadium for the big-event on 31st January 2015.

Considering the lame excuses given by the current State government of Kerala, for the chronic delay in all Trivandrum projects, the “Work Boss” and his crew’s pace of work is incredible and we are all glad that this is done by a competent private operator, IL&FS. Our pranams to these unassuming people, who has done an international scale project in such a blistering pace in India!!

Enjoy the photos.


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4 Responses to Trivandrum International Stadium: 14-Dec-2014 and 27-Dec-2014

  1. Unniokrishnan B M says:

    thanx for the updates, this blog provides the best updates of trivandrum, quite comprehensive

  2. Rakesh says:

    thanks for the updates friend. If it is more frequently then it would be great..

  3. subin says:

    thanks for the latest info. waiting for new updates.

  4. Krishna kumar says:

    Being some one executing the project…. It feels incredible that our efforts are atleat monitored and praised. We will pour all our efforts to finish this stadium for the grand opening.

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