Tiffin4Me, a meal subscription service, delivers home cooked food

Meal subscription service Tiffin4Me delivers home cooked food daily to your home or your office

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a tiffin from home to get you through your work day. However, it’s just not possible to always make or pack home cooked food. That’s where Tiffin4Me comes in. It’s a new meal subscription service for everything home cooked. The food is delivered to home or office in Thiruvananthapuram, according to each customer’s preference.

“Our mission is to be the best alternative of not eating from home,” says Monu Gopinath, the brain behind the food-tech startup, along with his fiancée and co-worker, Reshma. “Most of us in the corporate world find it difficult to pack and carry meals from home and often end up eating from restaurants, which need not necessarily be good for health in the long run. We did a bit of market research and found that there was a dire need for a food delivery service that’s dependable,” adds Monu, who runs HR firm, Connecting2Work.

Tiffin4Me was started six months ago with just a handful of customers in the Thiruvananthapuram Medical College area. It now delivers breakfast, lunch and dinner to some 60 homes all across Thiruvananthapuram city, plus one-time parcels to a few dozen other customers throughout the day.

The name of the startup comes from the reusable, airtight tiffin boxes that the meals in the subscription service are delivered in. The one-time orders come packed in toasted banana leaves. “We give the meals in tiffins only to regular customers because they can be returned when we deliver the next meal and so on. Most of our regular customers are office-goers, doctors and retired folks. We also deliver to people staying in service apartments in the city,” says Monu.

The menu is mainly ethnic Kerala food, rather simple fare sans any froufrou. All the food is cooked by Reshma’s mother, Prasanna, along with a bunch of women, in the kitchen of her home in Thamalam, near Poojapura in Thiruvananthapuram. The menu is fixed for a week. For example, if one day breakfast is dosa, sambhar and rasavada, the next day it might be idli, chutney and uzhunnuvada. Lunch is constant — white rice with five side dishes, including fish curry and sometimes fish peera too. Dinner, meanwhile, is either chappati or gothambu puttu with curry.

Their USP

One of their USPs is flexibility of food delivery. “For example, if a customer wants breakfast delivered at home and lunch at work and dinner again at home, we can do that. Or if they want breakfast and lunch delivered together early in the morning, we can do that as well. And that’s every day on time, even hartal days. It all depends on the customer,” says Monu.

Another USP is that you pay only for what you eat in the meal subscription service. “Customers only have to pay at the end of the month. So, say the customer is not in town for a week, then he/she does not have to pay for that week,” he explains.

Otherwise, just call in your order for breakfast between 5 pm and 8 pm the previous day. Lunch orders will be taken till 11 am and dinner orders till 4 pm on the day of delivery.

Contact: +91-9037043614

Article Courtesy: The Hindu

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