A.R Rahman Visited Thiruvananthapuram Silently!

When Thiruvananthapuram city was engrossed in the visit of Sultan Bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi, the Emir of Sharjah, another Sultan, but this time of music, quietly made a quick trip to Thiruvananthapuram city last Monday. Yes, it was none other than A.R Rahman, the Mozart of Madras. A.R Rahman made his way to MANDERLAY, a stately house at Poojappura, when he came visiting his close friend and former bandmate John Anthony of Karnatriix.

28tvmrahmanImage Courtesy: Karnatriix John Anthony Facebook Profile

All is hush on what the visit was about but music must have been on their mind when they tuned in after a long time as John says in his Facebook post: ‘cAtchIng uP afTer quiTe sOmeTime & hAd loTsss tO cAtch Up ……..😜 ‘. The ace guitarist also put up a photo on his wall of the two men in black exchanging notes in his garden.

Sivamani, A.R. Rahman, the late Jo Joo and John had formed a band, Roots, which had rocked Chennai when it was formed in the Eighties. They jammed with all kinds of musicians, including Carnatic musicians like T.V. Gopalakrishnan and Kadri Gopalnath. But once A.R Rahman, then Dileep, got his first movie, the band moved on to a new groove.

As always, it is learnt that A.R Rahman prayed at Beemapally mosque before leaving Thiruvananthapuram city on the same day. Some photographs that found their way to Facebook are the only signs of the maestro’s visit to Thiruvananthapuram city!

News Courtesy: “The Hindu”

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