Now, Self-drive to Your Weekend Getaway in Thiruvananthapuram

Thiruvananthapuram City is set to have its self-driven vehicles on rent soon. These vehicles would have black registration number plates with yellow alphanumeric characters—the authorized number plates for commercial vehicles with special permits issued by the motor vehicles department.

SteerWhlImage Courtesy: WikiHow

Such number plates would denote that the vehicles could be hired without a driver. Other commercial vehicles have been using yellow number plates with alphanumerical characters in black.

Private companies have begun registering vehicles for such special permits in Thiruvananthapuram RTO office and the vehicles were expected to hit the roads in July week.

The motor vehicle department have been issuing permits for these vehicles under ‘Rent-a-Motorcycle’ and ‘Rent-a-Car schemes. To receive permit under these schemes, a bike operator should have a minimum of five motorcycles, while a car operator should have 50 cars. One could hire these vehicles on hourly or daily basis. “When we planned to launch the service in the city, people do not know about such a scheme in the MVD Act. We have registered nine motorcycles and the entire is likely to be complete in two weeks,” said Nagraj M, project management team member at Royal Bison Auto Rentals, which would launch its bikes in Thiruvananthapuram. Such self-drive vehicle are in great demand with tourists in other states. RTO here started receiving application for such permits from January and all the registration process is complete.

News Inputs from “Times of India”

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