Thiruvananthapuram Metro: Less Land to be Acquired

The state government has revised its order pertaining to land acquisition for construction of flyover and junction improvement in Sreekaryam as part of the metro project in Thiruvananthapuram. It has been decided to reduce the extent of land to be acquired.


Image Courtesy: KRTL

The decision was taken after the technical committee approved the proposal to reduce the length of flyover at Sreekaryam. This is expected to bring an amicable solution to the issue of land acquisition at Sreekaryam which was facing protest from the locals.

The order has said that land needed to be acquired for the flyover has been reduced from 4.91 acres to 3.28 acres. After technical committee approved the design, which suggested an 85-metre reduction in the total length of 535 metres, the Kerala Rapid Transit Corporation Limited has requested modification in its earlier proposal.

Local traders and members of Sreekaryam jam-a-at had formed an action council to protest against the land acquisition at Sreekaryam, which they alleged was unjust. They had stated that they would allow only equi-distance policy. As per the original design, the Sreekaryam jam-a-at would loss a major part of its property, as per drawings for construction of the flyover. As per the preliminary plan, around 200 shops had to be displaced for the work. The local traders had demanded KRTL to speed up the land acquisition process to put an end to the uncertainty.

The KRTL is planning to construct a four-lane flyover. Marking of land for acquisition is almost complete at Sreekaryam. After initiating land acquisition works at Sreekaryam, the KRTL has started land marking works for construction of flyover at Ulloor. In addition to Sreekaryam and Ulloor, KRTL will construct flyovers at Pattom and Thampanoor. Of this, design for Thampanoor has not received administration sanction so far.  A total of 5.22 acres is required for Sreekaryam, Ulloor and Pattom flyovers. The government has given consent for direct purchase of 4.8 acres for metro stations and 5.22 acres for construction of flyovers as part of the project.

News Source: “Times of India”

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