“G-Ride”: Ride-sharing App Launched for Techies in Thiruvananthapuram


The Group of Technology Companies (GTech), a collective of IT companies, have introduced a digital ride-sharing platform, G-Ride, for Carpooling, Bike pooling and Ride sharing for employees of G-Tech member  companies who are working at Technopark, Thiruvananthapuram. The app, available on Android and iOS platforms, can be accessed by employees of GTech’s member companies.

G-Ride is a platform to find options in real-time for ride sharing, car sharing and bike sharing. G-Ride is the only end-to-end automated solution for car pooling, bike pooling and ride sharing available today.

G-Ride helps to identify matches, connect instantly, communicate and share costs (cashless). With G-Ride you can ‘Offer ride’ to others in your vehicle, or ‘Find ride’ offered by others, instantly.

You have a car or bike and driving alone? If you like to share the empty seats with your colleagues, you can enjoy the following :

1) Share up to 100% of your car maintenance
2) Great company to share all your stories, jokes and scores
3) Increase your network within the organization and get to know more people
4) You do not have to take any diversions to pick up anyone – they come and join you on your route!
5) You retain control about whom you want to share the ride with.
Last but not least, you can do your bit, to contribute for reduction of road congestion and save our planet.

If you usually travel by Taxi/Auto/Bus or you would like to leave your vehicle behind, you can be a ride taker and enjoy the following:

1) Get comfortable and faster car rides at bus fare
2) Share costs through the app fully cashless
3) Get to know your colleagues better. Enjoy the commute to work, sharing interesting stuff.
4) You retain control about whom you want to join with.
5) Get your first ride free with verified profiles.

Here are the key features that put G-Ride in a league of its own – and ahead other solutions.

Ride sharing on G-Ride is secured with its 5 layers of security features:
I. Company where user is working and contact details gets verified
II. You can restrict to share rides with verified employees of your own company or with same gender.
III. Aggregated rating from previous ride partners is available
IV. Integration with social media profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)– for additional information about user.
V. User can share ride path with others to monitor. In emergency user can initiate SOS call to notify the location to the chosen contact

Flexibility of timings: G-Ride helps to connect with ride matches instantly and completes the transaction at each ride. It is possible to share ride with one user for the onward journey and with another user for the return. There are no obligations to start and leave at the same time.

Coordination challenges: Features like live ride view on map, and in-app(group) chat makes ride coordination seamless.
Partial route matches: Intelligent route matching algorithm supports partial route matching.

Customizable routes and pick-up/drop-off points: Default route and matching pickup or drop points can be customized as per user choice.

Regular rides: For daily commute, user can create regular ride once and G-Ride automatically create ride daily. Varied timings on different days are allowed.

Rewards and incentives: The payments are cashless and completely automated. Ride partners can share costs seamlessly, without even discussing about payments. The rider will be incentivised for rides shared as per his/her choice of fare. Rider can encash accumulated points in the app, and use it to pay for fuel directly at petrol pumps.
There are a host of other advanced features .

Be it your daily office commute or airport travel or weekend outing – G-Ride brings you shared options instantly.

Install G-Ride app to car pool, bike pool and ride share with your colleagues. Wish you many happy shared miles ahead! I

You can reach for any support at gride@gtechindia.org

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