Karamana-Pravachambalam Road: Rs 25 Lakhs Allotted to Tackle Rising Accident Cases

The recent widening of the Karamana – Pravachambalam road has proved to be a bane it seems, as the stretch has been witnessing a rise in number of accidents ever since. Now, based on the recommendation of road safety cell of the works department, Rs.25 lakhs has been sanctioned to the latter’s national highway (NH) wing to install required safety measures on the stretch.

The cell has found major road safety violations on the stretch. As the first step, the earmarked amount would be used to erect more sign boards and to ensure traffic calming measures. Still, major concerns such as lack of streetlights and unscientific median openings remain unaddressed.

According to an official of the department, motorists who traverse the six-lane road are unable to see notice boards on either sides. “So, notice boards will be erected on median too. Boards displaying speed limit too will be put up,” the official said.

Though the cell has asked the NH wing to close the median opening in front of Sreeragam auditorium at Pappanamcode, nothing has been done in this regard. A number of accidents have occurred at the median opening at a slope. As the place is devoid of any warning boards, the works department has plans to put up the same.

The safety wing has also recommended to install cameras and put up traffic signals on the median for better visibility.

“The current time limit allotted in the signal for pedestrian crossing is just 10 seconds, while people would require minimum 30-35 seconds to cross the six-lane road,” an official pointed out. Terming lack of streetlights a major threat to pedestrians and motorists, it asked local bodies to take necessary steps in this regard. The road safety cell has submitted the report to road safety authority two months ago.

The road safety cell is also planning to conduct one more inspection to finalise its recommendations on required safety measures.

Source: “Times of India”

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