arteria – Imaging Thiruvananthapuram

IMAG0812arteria-2015, one of the largest public art projects of India, conceived by the District Tourism Promotion Council, Thiruvananthapuram has concepted its first stride. Supported by Department of Tourism, Govt. of Kerala; this mega art, curated by Dr. G Ajith Kumar, in the first phase has rendered the encircling wall of the University Stadium at Palayam with the creative murals composed by artists including Shri. Kanayi Kunjiraman, Shri. Kattoor Narayana Pillai, Shri. B.D Dethan, Shri. N.N Rimzon, Shri. Tensing Joseph, Shri. Nemom Pushparaj, Shri. Pradeep Puthoor, Shri. Prasanna Kumar, Shri. Chandran T.V, Shri. Sreelal S, Shri. Sreenandanan, Shri. Sunil Kovalam, Shri. Jayachandran.V, Shri. Vijayan Neyyattinkara, Shri. Robert Lopez, Shri. Mohanan Nedumangadu, Shri. Shibu Chand, Charutha Reghunath, Shri. Saj R Swamy, Rachana Vijith and Shri. Vijith.

By re-directing the public eye to those artistic expressions, this larger canvas unfolds immense possibility for everyone to become part of a new visual culture that Thiruvananthapuram City is lacking. The project with this dimension seems to have no resemblance with any part of the world, except a few sporadic instances. Its distinction will definitely lead the city to carve out a significant place in the cultural landscape of the world.

Snapshots from the venue


DSC_0083DSC_0084DSC_0085DSC_0087DSC_0088DSC_0090DSC_0094DSC_0098DSC_0101DSC_0102DSC_0103DSC_0104DSC_0106DSC_0107DSC_0108IMAG0803The unveiling function of arteria-2015 will be held near the University Stadium, Playam at 05.00pm on 24th August 2015.

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2 Responses to arteria – Imaging Thiruvananthapuram

  1. Suseelan.P says:

    congrats.Very imaginative project.May be the first attempt by any district administration.City will certainly have a new attractive look.

  2. dj3211 says:

    This is an amazing thing!!!! ROCKING IDEA district tourism promotion council !!! This is exactly how you promote tourism… You have turned that place into such a beautiful piece of art!!! Loved it!!! Hope you can cover every wall in Trivandrum!!! All the best wishes!!!

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