Kerala’s IT Minister and his Anti-Development Agendas

Technopark 2 copyIndian Supreme Court has no issues with Swiss Challenge model of bidding (in case only one bidder approaches the government for a public project).  Yet our Honorable IT minister believes Supreme Court of India is wrong.   He says Swiss Challenge “is beneficial to only one party”.  Apparently such beneficiaries can be only Smartcity/TECOM (or some other firms) and not Taurus, who till now has been very transparent and public in their dealings with the IT Department and even won the Swiss Challenge.

Of course, we can guess why this reluctance – the “mall component”

But he believes rest of us, including the CM of Kerala, Union Minister of State, other people’s representatives cutting across party lines etc are all total fools!!

Excerpt from the report published in Times of India Newspaper on 25.02.2014

Everyone but the industries minister seems interested in the project. Chief Minister Shri. Oommen Chandy was very keen to showcase this as a success story of Emerging Kerala. Industrialists like V.K Mathews and NASSCOM and G.Tech have been pushing for the project. Moreover, Technopark has ran out of money and has some Rs.600 crore of interest payment due to various projects. The Taurus’ payment will be a real monetary life-line to Technopark.

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4 Responses to Kerala’s IT Minister and his Anti-Development Agendas

  1. sumesh says:

    Why to blame Kunjali when we have few good for nothing MLA’s and other representatives who are always in sleep mode and have no genuine interest in bringing projects for Thiruvananthapuram, or at the least try to prevent such sabotages by some criminals in the government. Now it’s crystal clear as to who is the wolf in the pack. We all blamed the innocent clerk who had taken a personal leave, when the actual criminal was hiding and trying desperately to ensure that this project never materializes. Only god can save our ” Thiruvananthapuram”.

  2. Vasantkumar Puthenmadathil says:


  3. Shankar says:

    Trivandrum city is already bursting under the weight of these so called developments project.actually new projects should be given to other backward districts with larger tracts of land instead of choking the city,First ensure potable drinking water,proper garbage disposal and less congestion to its inhabitants instead of bringing more congestion

  4. all the best bhubaneswar and thiruvananthapuram

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