TCS’ mammoth Trivandrum Campus gets covered by Forbes

TCS-3Good to see that the international and national media are keenly following last weekend’s Indian Prime Minister’s launch of TCS’s record-breaking facility coming up in Thiruvananthapuram.

(Local media as usual, ate free lunch and went to sleep, dreaming of SmartCity)

India’s Top Outsourcing Firm, TCS, Building World’s Largest Corporate Training Facility

Top Indian IT outsourcing firm, TCS, is setting up the world’s largest corporate training center in the southern coastal city of Thiruvananthapuram. The center is being constructed on nearly 100 acres of land which will contain over 6 million square feet of buildings – and infrastructure to match the world’s best university campuses. The center will have a capacity to train 50,000 IT professionals each year, and about 15,000 at any given time.

Talks about its significance to India:

The humongous facility will train ‘India’s next generation of engineers and professionals,” TCS said in a note. “The new learning campus is geared to help deliver India’s demographic dividend.”

About the nearest rival

The TCS Learning Campus, when ready, will outdo rival Infosys’ huge training base in the southern city of Mysore, a 337-acre mega campus that now holds the title of the ‘world’s largest corporate training facility’ with 1.5 million square feet of built-up space including 485 faculty rooms and seven food courts. Infosys’ learning center can accommodate 14,000 trainees at any given time.
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