Trivandrum Aeropolis Project Gathering Steam


The “Trivandrum Aeropolis” project envisaged with Thiruvananthapuram International Airport at the centre of activity is gathering steam with chief minister Oommen Chandy calling a meeting on August 2 to discuss the matter with potential stakeholders.

This year’s budget had allocated funds to the tune of Rs 846 crore for 10 major infrastructure projects in the state and five of those projects are in Thiruvananthapuram- Multi Modal Hub is one of the projects ready to receive funding, said health minister VS Sivakumar. “I held pre-budget discussions with the planning board because I believe the project is achievable. There is a corpus amount allotted for infrastructure projects to spend from, which is why it needs to take off immediately, to make use of the allocations disbursed on a first come first served basis,” he said.

“This welcome move has certainly raised the expectations that the futuristic idea of Trivandrum Aeropolis, with multi modal hub forming part of it, will pave the way for facilitating a paradigm shift in the development concept of the capital city,” said airport director VN Chandran, who proposed the project to the state government.

The multi modal hub is an integral part of the Trivandrum Aeropolis and seeks to link the airport with five modes of transport – sea, rail, road, inland waterway and air. “The irrigation department has entrusted an agency to prepare a detailed project report on the clean-up of Parvathy Puthanar. The Muttathara sewage treatment plant has had a few hiccups during its trail run, but it will be fixed as the functionality of inland waterway is essential to the multi modal hub,” the minister said.

Various potential stakeholders such as VSSC, BrahMos aerospace, Technopark, MRO, AAI, etc. are invited to the August 2 meeting in a bid to understand what they can bring to the table. These firms will form an essential industrial, commercial and aeronautical support base to the aeropolis project. The government will explore the possibility of establishing a special purpose vehicle, and chart out a way to ensure a coordinated approach between the organizations.

News Sourced from “Times of India

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2 Responses to Trivandrum Aeropolis Project Gathering Steam

  1. Let us hope that the projects materializes at the earliest. Authorities should take right steps to improve the entrance to the Airport right away so that when the crowd of people and vehicles increases, it should be able to accommodate it easily

  2. AK Nair says:

    water way should be taken care immediately. People are suffering. We should take politicians to take parvathy puthanar and ask them to take a shower. Where is our tax money going? Our politicians are the real FRAUDS

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