Trivandrum Monorail: Minimum Fare Pegged at Rs.8/-


If things go as planned, people of Thiruvananthapuram can travel in a driverless monorail with a minimum charge of Rs.8/-, less than that of an AC Volvo bus, by 2016. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited (DMRC), general consultant of the monorail project, plans to commission the first stretch from Technocity to Kariyavattom within first 36 months.

As per the detailed project report prepared by DMRC, the Thiruvananthapuram monorail will have three-coach trains. It will have two leading cars and an intermediate car. Size of the leading car, made of aluminum, is expected to be 16-metre long, 3.15-metre wide and 4.05-metre high and that of intermediate car is 15×3.15×4.05m.

The monorail system is designed for driverless operation. There will be passenger announcement system, passenger information display system, centralized clock system and closed circuit television ( CCTV) system at all stations. Also there will be screen doors at all the platforms and mobile radio communication between the trains. The operation control centre will be located at car depot at Pallipuram.

Two types of stations such as type 1 A and 1 B, and interchange station are proposed. In type I A and I B stations, all the facilities and technical rooms are placed outside the right of way and only platforms are provided over the road supported by pillars located on the median of the road. Type 1 A stations are proposed on 45 m right of way– from Technocity to Kazhakkoottam Junction and type 1 B stations are on 20-metre right of way from Kazhakkoottam Junction to Karamana.

The interchange stations will be constructed at Kesavadasapuram and Thampanoor.

A mezzanine floor (intermediate floor between ground and track) will be provided at 5.85-metre level for passengers to cross the road safely and public could use the unpaid areas as foot overbridge. All stations will have elevators for old and people with disabilities. Escalators have been provided only at six stations such as Technocity, Kazhakkoottam, Kesavadasapuram, Pattom, Secretariat and Thampanoor.

News Sourced from Times of India

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