Rocky, Mayur go Surfing for Food in Thiruvananthapuram

Don’t miss the 18:19 min complete NDTV Good Times episode HERE

Rocky and Mayur are in Kerala’s capital, Thiruvananthapuram or Trivandrum. Ready for his usual fresh catch of the day Rocky gets a great start to his day be eating healthy. And much to both their displeasure they are getting exactly what the doctor ordered fruits juice and leafy green salads. The coast too has its off days. But that gives them enough energy to test their balance on a board. Watch Rocky and Mayur as they show off their talents on the surf…though there seems like more splash than surf! All this exercise in the sun, sand and sea build up an appetite for some vegetarian seafood. Did anyone say Vegetarian Seafood?! Watch this episode of Highway On My Plate Coast to Coast to discover a whole new genre of food.

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