Thiruvananthapuram To Get One More News Channel

Mathrubhumi News to go live on 23rd January from Thiruvananthapuram. The futuristic news room will be the largest in Kerala.

Mathrubhumi NewsMBTV MBTV1

Mathrubhumi News Studio MBTV3

News Courtesy: Mathrubhumi

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1 Response to Thiruvananthapuram To Get One More News Channel

  1. bmmann says:

    i was in Trivandrum in 1948 when the first radio station of Travancore -cochin state started working in a small building adjacent ,to the now, where ,the MLA hostel is situated .the broadcast used to start at 7 am morning; with the All India radio signature tune ,which could be heard all over a very ,very, silent palayam area ,through a loud speaker .Most people were too poor to buy a radio ,so the radio park was opened at museum band stand ,for people to hear the radio programs.That was the only loud speaker then; in palayam area .The loudspeaker at the mosque came many many years later when the small single story, kerala type architecture ,mosque was replaced by the present arabic style mosque of palayam .The city extended from manarcaud in south to kowdiar in the north;and killiyar area in east to west fort .other areas were agricultural land or uninhabitted areas.

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