Technopark Grows by 4,000,000 Square Feet!


4,000,000 SF is more than 2/3 of the space promised in the much-trumpeted, but long delayed “Smart” City project. Compared to the media frenzy and Government desperation around the latter project, Technopark has been humming along with little if any of the attention and support it deserves. And we didn’t need any sheikhs or camels, either (or mirages of gleaming office buildings). All reality, no hype. Probably for the better.

4,000,000 SF of space will accommodate 35-40,000 technology professionals, probably result in about Rs 4,000 Crores ($800 Million) of annual IT exports and inject upwards of Rs 1,200 Crores ($240 Million) in the local economy as disposable income and taxes.

And the next time, someone tries to condescendingly tell you that nothing’s going on in Thiruvananthapuram, tell them that more business space is under construction in Thiruvananthapuram than in most US or European cities right now and more than the rest of Kerala combined!

Oh yes, there’s three times as much additional space in the pipeline in these projects and in Technocity, where Infosys and TCS will add close to 10,000,000 SF between them.

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