Thiruvananthapuram To Host Third All India Women’s Conference

Chaya Mukherjee, Mallika Sarabhai, Sarah Joseph, Prof. B Hridayakumari to speak at the conference scheduled from Jan 29- 31 at Putharikandam Maithanam

The conference couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time. Amidst the violence and atrocities reported against girls and women every day all over the country, the 3rd All India women’s conference will be held here in the capital city. The mammoth event at Putharikandam Maidanam be inaugurated by the former Chief Justice  M N Venkitachelliah on Jan 29.

Women from 26 states across the country will participate in the conference while distinguished participants from the US, Korea, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka will also take part. Eminent people like Chaya Mukherjee President, All India Mahila Samskarika Sanghatana ( AIMSS), Mallika Sarabhai, Sarah Joseph, Prof. B.Hridayakumari and so on will speak at this occasion.

AIMSS is striving hard to bring the women in our country involved in the movement against the forces that are out to disturb the peace of our nation. The conference intends to prepare the women of our country to march forward to shoulder new challenges and responsibilities bestowed upon them and regain their due status and position in the society.

The conference is also a gathering of leading women who are engaged in democratic mass movements for a dignified existence. Eminent personalities from the social and cultural sphere will also take part in the seminar and cultural events  to be organised by AIMSS, an organisation formed  headed by Justice V R Krishna Iyer.

The conference will end on Jan 31.

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