Open Letter to Ye Who Stop Formula 1!

To all those who filed the Public Interest Litigation against Narain Karthikeyan’s Formula One demonstration drive in Thiruvananthapuram,

First of all thank you for the immense concern shown in upholding the letter, if not the spirit, of the law on speed regulation on the roads of Thiruvananthapuram. If it had not been not been for your timely intervention, surely the citizens of Thiruvananthapuram would have been put in grave danger by speeding Formula One cars, after all aren’t those things dangerous even if driven by an expert driver and even if the roads are cleared and secured?! Even if we are not run over, we would be all so inconvenienced by the disruption of traffic on the road. Who cares if the Formula One demo drive would have gained national attention and perhaps garnered a few measly extra tourists. A State like ours that can afford Billion dollar bullet trains doesn’t need extra revenue from tourism, does it? Of course not, the 40 Km/Hr speed limit is sacrosanct, a true holy cow!

Even if some may call such activism Personal or Publicity Interest Litigation, we appreciate the Public Interest behind your actions. Now, in case, you are on the lookout for worthy, if not equally important subjects, to file further PILs, here are a few which may benefit the rest of us:

Read through from here


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4 Responses to Open Letter to Ye Who Stop Formula 1!

  1. Sabu Steephen says:

    Dear Ajay,
    Thanx very much for your very positive support and encouragements. God bless you.
    Thanks and Regards
    Sabu Steephen

    • aj says:

      @sabu steephan thaniku thalayku valla asukham undo?? prayam akumbo young generationodu thonunna oruthitharam chori undallo ipozhathe aalukalku..athu thanneya thanteyu prashnam.. edo dairyam undengil press meet nadathi than ithu parayathenthu??? thante face purathu kanicha pilleru thanne eduthitu perumarum..athu ariyavunathu kondalle?? 40 km speed analle thante prob? have u never ever crossed this limit in ur life while driving? ministers inte vandi pokuna speed etrayaennu thaniku valla vivaravum undo?? do they always go below 40?? kawadiar area anengil 60-80 il allathe ivar arengilum pokumo? ur sick!!! mentally sick!! padmanabha templeile treasures kanakedukanam ennu paranju oral notice koduthu avasanam brandu vannu marichu… thanteoke gathiyum athu thanne ayirikum..

  2. nanthu venugopal says:

    u done a grt thng by changing F1 to F4 level thnk u vry mch

  3. hari says:

    ee cherukkanu vattundo?? atho abhinyamo?? please go through the full contents of ajay’s letter and undertand its essence you idiot…what have you earned with this cheap publicity stunt? we are sure you do not belong to trivandrum and of course might belong to kochi or kottayam. A true lover of tvm would never resort to any step that would ultimately result in this city losing a golden opportunity to be in the national media because of this event…some other forces are acting behind the curtain and you are only a tool in their hands,that we know…if you are really a law abiding citizen as claimed by you, do you have the guts to file a public interest litigation against hartals, which are now being conducted instead of bandh (as bandh is banned by high court) and ultimately hartal evokes the same response of a bandh…do you have the mindset to go for a fullfledged PIL to ensure speedy implemenation of vizhinjam?? what have you done for setting up high court bench at tvm, which if set up would have saved 100 crores annually for kerala govt. by virtue of the fees for conducting cases in high court at kochi???
    orupaadu parayanondu ninnodu…..pakshe thalkaalam ividey nirthunnnu……paranjaal koodippokum, athukonda….

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