Centre includes Thiruvananthapuram in Restructured Accelerated Power Reforms & Development Programme (R-APDRP)

In a major boost to the city’s power distribution system, the Union power ministry has decided to include Thiruvananthapuram in the Restructured Accelerated Power Reforms & Development Programme (R-APDRP) mooted by the Centre.

The Rs 50,000-crore project is part of the power ministry’s nationwide pursuit to bring down ATC ( aggregate technical and commercial) losses to 15% in project areas, which translates to over 1,400 towns in the country.

The Union power ministry has allotted Rs 179 crore for introducing the scheme in the capital, according to a press statement issued by Union minister of state for power K C Venugopal here on Sunday. Earlier, Rs 90 crore was allotted by the ministry for implementing the first phase of the project.

The minister said that the capital city can now avail about Rs 269 crore in terms of envisaging and realizing most advanced power distribution schemes. He added that the extent of the scheme which is currently being implemented at Attingal and Varkala will also be enhanced.

The programme aims at bringing revolutionary changes in power transmission like laying underground cables for eletric supply, formation of a common network that establishes connectivity among all electricity offices, a swift system to address the grievances of the consumers and online billing system.

Part A of the programme involves extensive use of IT-related applications to create baseline data of both consumers and infrastructure. Part B will involve strengthening of the physical power distribution infrastructure.

Under the Part A, the quantity of power loss during transmission will be calculated and measures will be devised to regulate the power loss.

News Sourced from “Kerala Kaumudi” & “Times of India

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