MP of Thiruvananthapuram and Foreign Policy Guru, Dr. Tharoor’s New Book on Geopolitics

After a longish pause, our MP and celebrated litterateur, Dr Tharoor found some time from his busy schedule to pen a new book, outlining India’s prominent position in the evolving and very exciting international story of the 21st century.  The book is a must read for keen observers of geopolitics, fans of Dr Tharoor’s writings and most certainly for the people whom he represent, the Trivandrumites.  It gives us an idea about the sort of big picture that we Trivandrumites should be aware of for the future, considering our city had a glorious past in formulating an independent (and often defiant against all odds) path, when compared to the rest of India.  So it is indeed a matter of great pride and in a way appropriate, that the MP of Trivandrum writes such a path-breaking book.

Wishing Dr Tharoor, the very best of luck with this release and may Sree  Padmanabhan provide his blessing on all of us in this world

The Hindu: Chandy releases new book by Shashi Tharoor

Link to Hindu Article

Chief Minister Oommen Chandy released Pax Indica: India  and the World of the 21st Century, the new book by Shashi Tharoor, MP, here on Monday.

In a rather hurried introduction, Mr. Tharoor welcomed the large turnout for the release of a book on foreign policy-making, an indicator, he said, of the growing interest in the field.

In his welcome address, the former Ambassador T.P. Sreenivasan termed the book “a second coming” for the author who had a noticeable gap before the publication of his 13th book.

He spoke of the need to draw inextricable links between foreign policy-making and the impact it had on domestic issues of a nation. The common underlying theme of the conversation during and after the ceremony was a firm grasp of this understanding among the common man for whom the realm of international relations had largely appeared irrelevant and distant.

Mr. Tharoor has always been a step ahead in terms of making speeches and in his flair for writing; the only time I’ve seen him uncomfortable is when he came to the city as a candidate and had to make his speeches in Malayalam,” said Mr. Chandy, lauding the MP for succeeding in the political arena too.

ToI: Shashi Tharoor’s book released

Link from Times of India

The book was received by former diplomat KPS Menon, who has lived through many of the moments mentioned in the book.

The title raised eyebrows. But the book is not about world domination. The principle purpose of our foreign policy should be the well-being of our people…I am a little critical about the MEA, the hiring, training and recruitment aspects of the department and it has generated the most amount of argument,” said Tharoor.

Business Standard: Book written by Tharoor released

Link to Business Standard

“India has to play a responsible role in today’s networked and multi-aligned world. If you want trade relations with others or like to achieve food security, we should have good relations with other countries,” Tharoor said.

Releasing the book, Chief Minister Oommen Chandy said India should be able to go forward upholding self-respect while keeping healthy foreign relations with other countries.

Former Ambassadors T P Sreenivasan and KPS Menon were also present at the function.

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