Hoardings/Flags “Menace” in Thiruvananthapuram City !

The ongoing district convention of the Students Federation India (SFI) has resurrected the menace of hoardings, flags and festoons on city roads. The major stretches in the city now carry a number of flags, festoons etc which are posing difficulties for passengers as well as motorists. Some arches are erected blocking the footpath.

City beautification suffered a major roadblock when the Thiruvananthapuram Road Development Company Limited (TRDCL), concessionaire of the City Road Improvement Project (CRIP), expressed its helplessness in maintaining the city roads, which get messy after every political convention. The hoardings, flexes and flag poles cause major inconvenience, especially during the monsoon season.

Though hoardings are banned on the city roads, the district administration, the City Corporation and the Kerala Road Fund Board often fail to take stern action against the errant practice.

SFI district president R S Balamurali said that his organisation would remove the hoardings and other materials once the convention was over. “We usually remove the festoons and hoardings after the programme. This time too, we will do that,” he said. Asked whether the SFI would compensate if there was any destruction to public property, he said no such complaint had come to his notice.

Meanwhile, Anil Kumar Pandala, project director of TRDCL, said the company has to shell out Rs. 3-4 lakh on repainting every six months. “No political party is an exception. TRDCL is responsible for the maintenance for the next 15 years. Every six months, we have to paint the hand railings and poles which is a costly affair,” he said. At least, they must not block the footpaths, he added.

Arches were banned in the city almost two years ago after a media campaign. However, they are making a comeback  through political party-sponsored functions. Also, the plastic festoons and flexes aggravate the waste menace in the city.

News Sourced from “The New Indian Express” with Image Input from “Metro Manorama

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