Sagara Restaurant: Sea food at its Best !

The interior of Sagara Restaurant in T N Samrudhi Chambers at Vazhuthacaud is modest, but not staid. Van Gogh and Claude Monet reproductions adorn the walls painted in sky blue, indigo and white reminiscing the lines ‘the sea is our mother, the cloud is our brother, the waves are our comrades all’ penned by Sarojini Naidu. The aroma of seafood being prepared in the huge vessels fills the air. At barely 12 in the noon the restaurant turns a busy place and will remain so till it downs shutters at 10.30 in the night. Chandrakumar C K, alias Kunjumon, the owner of the restaurant, is busy looking after the preparations inside the kitchen,  managing the customers and attending the phone calls placing orders alike.

True to its name, the restaurant has been synonymous to seafood for the past 14 years. Prawns, crab, squid, clam (kakka) and oyster (chippi) are available here in numerous varieties as ‘perattu’, ‘thoran’, fry and curry. They fetch the fish from near and far-off places. The staple dish here is the yummy ‘fish egg thoran’.

Kunjumon says that they get ‘fish egg’ weighing between one to three kilograms from big sized fish. Tasting the ‘fish egg thoran’, we could vouch that they have not added any artificial flavouring ingredients to stimulate the taste buds.

“We are so keen on adding only natural ingredients to the dishes. Instead of vinegar, we use lemon juice for preparation,” says Kunjumon.

Sagara also serves fried-rice made with fish varieties, prawn, crab meat and oyster. Soups too are on offer and crab, chicken and prawn soups are the most sought after.  Besides, Sagara’s fish pickles are also on high demand. “Fish pickles are prepared only on  order. A majority of the customers  are either students studying in the other states or people who lives abroad. As we do not add preservatives, they must be consumed within a few days,” Kunjumon explains.

The place will not burn a hole in your pocket  as a platter of meals with fish curry is available for just Rs 50. ‘Sagara’ has two branches at Vazhuthacaud itself, the one which is only a stone’s throw away from the restaurant in the Samrudhi Chambers was established first. The former one has eight employees and the latter has six. More than 40 varieties of dishes are prepared  everyday. So as to maintain a variety, each day, they try different menus.

The restaurant which has a loyal clientele for years also serves chicken and beef preparations. The restaurant functions on all days.

For details, contact: 0471-2333434.

Article Sourced from “The New Indian Express

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2 Responses to Sagara Restaurant: Sea food at its Best !

  1. Naveen Mohan says:

    Come On…they are not even three star by any means…and extremely overpriced. A simple meal shown in the photo costs you 90 rupees. An ‘ayala’ fry for 100. Want to try some variety? it costs you 350 for a crab roast. Extremely extremely overpriced and not the best of quality, and never back there again.

  2. hari says:

    Extremely overpriced and worst service. They behave like we came there of free food. I never had such bad experience with any of other hotels. I recommend NOT to go there for any food.

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