Roses to Greet Visitors to Museum

In a few months’ time, your visit to Museum will have another special reason. A sea of roses will smile at you from the new rose garden which is getting ready at the C Kesavan Traffic Island opposite the Museum.

The garden is being set up by the Thiruvananthapuram Road Development Company Limited (TRDCL) in association with the Kerala Rose Society.

TRDCL is now busy setting up cement platforms at the island to plant rose plants. “Platforms are being placed to give more visibility to the roses. The entire 1,000-square feet space will be turned into a garden containing a variety of roses. The roses will be supplied by Kerala Rose Society. They will maintain the plants, while the TRDCL will do the watering, fencing etc,” said TRDCL project director Anil Kumar Pandala.

The expenses for the Rose Garden would come to around Rs 3-4 lakh. TRDCL is voluntarily carrying out the project without funding from the Kerala Road Fund Board. “The original plan was to landscape the island. It was based on a request of the C Kesavan Foundation that we thought of doing something more. Then, TRDCL voluntarily agreed to turn the island into a rose garden,” said Madhavan Pillai, project engineer of KRFB.

Pandala said unlike erecting statues at the island, projects like rose garden will be helpful for the future development of the city. “Statues will pose major hurdles when land acquisition is needed for projects like monorail,” he added.

News Sourced from “The New Indian Express

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