Resort of The Week: The Bohemian Masala

The Bohemian Masala, a beautiful tribal village created on 2 acres of lush tropical garden landscape, a hidden oasis rich with sounds, silence, structure and sensation only nature can provide when you need to rest, relax and revive on your time off. Bohemian is conveniently in the middle of all the main tourist area, but peacefully located, with walk in entrance from North End Cliff (sea side) and main drive in entrance from Thiruvambadi Beach Road. The Beaches of Varkala are 5 min walk down the North cliff promenade.

The cottages

All 12 individual cottages have private verandas facing the growing garden of tropical plants, flowers, trees and herbs, its natural and peaceful here. Bohemian do not offer air conditioned rooms as they have instead used cooling mud and herbs to create this affect along with Vaastu principle to enhance air flow, tranquility and harmony in the cottage for maximum rest. The cottages are made by the help of natural knowledge from tribal people of Wayanad, build solid with handmade bricks, hand polished floors, reclaimed roof tiles, doors and windows. Furnished with hand crafted bamboo, coconut and recycled wood and beautiful finishing touches by supporting the dying arts of local artist and craftsmen.

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