Pay & Use Waste Treatment Facility in Thiruvananthapuram

A Rs.1.75-crore waste treatment plant is being set up by the SMSS Hindu Mahila Mandiram at Poojappura in Thiruvananthapuram city that will generate electricity from garbage. The project has received the approval of the City Corporation.

Power from garbage

A statement released by Mahila Mandiram here on Thursday said that the 500 cubic metre plant, to be set up on the Mahila Mandiram campus by the NGO Biotech, would have a capacity to process five tonnes of waste and produce 750 kW/hr power per day.

“This is a pay-and-use facility, which can be made use of by people, institutions or commercial establishments that do not have space to treat waste. But the facility will be free for four residents’ associations in our neighbourhood. Around 200 residents will be benefited by this project,” Mahila Mandiram secretary M. Sreekumari said.

She said the work on the project, which would be taken up soon, would be completed in 60 days.

The power generated from the plant would be used for running the plant as well as to meet the energy needs of the institution. “Additional power generated will be given back to the grid and can be used for lighting street lamps,” the statement said.

Mahila Mandiram, a women’s welfare organisation, was also planning to involve the ‘Clean Well’ workers of the City Corporation who lost their job following the closure of the Vilappilsala solid waste treatment plant, the institution said. The institution already had a biogas plant of 100-kg per day processing capacity. A major share of the cooking gas of the institution canteen was generated from this plant, the statement said.

“This is a clean energy project which does not involve any pollution. Instead of becoming a bane for the local people, our model of waste treatment will be a huge blessing for our neighbours,” Ms. Sreekumari said.

News Sourced from “Malayala Manorama” & “The Hindu

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One Response to Pay & Use Waste Treatment Facility in Thiruvananthapuram

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