Article: Karyavattom Sports Facilities – The International Multipurpose Stadium in Thiruvananthapuram

The 35th National Games will showcase a new marvel of design and engineering in India – the first worldclass stadium, “Karyavattom Sports Facilities” build using private funding, that is coming up in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala and a major center for hitech, academia and tourism in India.  It is going to be the main stadium for the massive national event as well as host the opening and closing ceremonies. For the first time, the state of Kerala will have a facility meeting international standards for cricket as well as football.

The stadium’s innovative Public Private Partnership (PPP) model of funding  is a self sustaining model in which minimal red tape will happen once the construction starts.  The private partner takes care of the fund inflow and other budgeting issues.  Thus the usual delays associated with India’s infrastructure projects is expected to be not there.

Another term for this is DBOT (Design, Build, Own and Transfer).  Though other infrastructure projects had successfully implemented this model in India, this will be 1st massive sports facility in India to be built on the DBOT model. The estimated construction time for the stadium is 24 months and the stadium will be developed as phases in order to be ready in time for the 35th National Games.

A total of 37 acres with the stadium site proper of 30.5 acres and an ancillary parking lot of about 6.5 acres makes the land parcel for this project.  Such a traffic intensive facility will naturally require good access roads.  The access road from the National Highway will have a width of 24.0 metres with an area of 2.0 acres.

The state-of-the-art multi-purpose facility  will have seating over 50,000 and is located in a locale with spectacular views of distant sea as well as Thiruvananthapuram’s famous sea of greenery vistas.

The Sunken Bowl design is excavated into the ground for the actual field of play. The personalized seating is designed to bring spectators as close to the action as possible.

Flexibility in design and ability to accommodate multiple style of events beyond cricket and football, including concerts, national conventions, trade shows, corporate tournaments, international and national rugby, lacrosse competitions and numerous other national and local amateur sports events of varying capacity.

Other world-class facilities include food-courts, premium club lounges, luxurious corporate suites, removable side-line seating, two gigantic Jumbo Tron style video boards, spacious concourses and much more.

Tradeshows and conventions can utilize large areas of exhibit space by merging the field as well as both exhibit halls.

This stadium is fully handicap accessible, unlike most current stadiums in India.

The convention center, club house and numerous entertainment options being planned, will make “Karyavattom Sports Facilities” the place-to-be-in Thiruvananthapuram year around.

The Layout

Aerial View from South Side

Aerial Night View from South Side

Aerial View from East Side

Aerial Night View from East Side

View of Entrance Plaza

Night View of Entrance Plaza/Retail Area

View of Players Lounge

View of Food Court

View of Club House

Aerial View of Club House

More Views

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