Animation for ‘Kochadaiyaan’ in Thiruvananthapuram

Trivandrum may turn out to be the next stop for team Kochadaiyaan – not to shoot, as is the case with most of big film banners from outside the state. The team is heading here to work on the animation.

“We are not sure if the cast will be travelling here, but director Soundarya Rajinikant and a part of her technical team are expected to be in Trivandrum next week, at one of the animation studios located there,” says a source, who has worked closely with the production unit.

Our source adds, “Trivandrum has been the hub for animation lately, as many Bollywood and Hollywood projects rely on the expertise and talent that is available here.”

The concerned animation studio chose not to comment as the project is currently underway.

With Kochadaiyaan too heading to Kerala for the same, the state may soon becoming the most sought after location for more than just shooting.

Sourced from “The Times of India

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One Response to Animation for ‘Kochadaiyaan’ in Thiruvananthapuram

  1. AJAYAGHOSH says:

    This is my first simple animation movie.I have Diploma in 2D contact no:9249960473

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