Cabinet to Decide on Vizhinjam bid this Week

The Kerala Cabinet is scheduled to take decision on the bid submitted by the Welspun-Leighton consortium for the operation of the Vizhinjam deep water port and container transshipment terminal.While the consortium has asked for a Rs 480 Crore operations grant over the first 16 years of their 30 year concession, they have promised to invest over Rs 1000 Crores in Phase I itself to build the terminal superstructure at India’s deepest port. Moreover, Vizhinjam will not necessitate operational expenditure from the Government, where hundreds of Crores are being spent each year on dredging for projects like the Vallarpadam terminal at the port in Ernakulam.

Let’s hope the Government takes a wise decision after calling the consortium for discussions.



About Ajay Prasad

Born: Dec 2nd 1980 Trivandrumite, Indian Ex-management consultant and now in the Real Estate Private Equity industry. Went to CET, IIM Calcutta and MIT. Happily married and shuttles between Cambridge, USA and Trivandrum, India.
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