India’s First Wi-TraC System Coming up in Thiruvananthapuram

Kerala Road Fund Board (KRFB) is installing the country’s first vehicle-actuated Wireless Traffic Signal Controller (Wi-TraC) at Vellayambalam Junction so that motorists no longer have to wait at the red signal even if there is no vehicle on the other side. KRFB has begun the preliminary works and the system will be commissioned within two weeks.

Developed by C-DAC, the Wi-TraC has distinct features over conventional signals. The camera in the system can detect vehicles and the intelligent transport system will change signals accordingly. It is small and pole-mountable, it does not occupy any space on the pavement. It is a cost-effective solution since it won’t require digging, hume pipes and armoured cables. It has a GPS-enabled Real-time Clock (RTC) for distributed time-synchronisation

Solar powered Wi-TraC is a 32-bit microcontroller based intelligent road traffic controller with a distributed architecture. It consists of a master controller and a number of slave controllers. The traffic junction plan resides in the master controller. Every island or signal pole has a slave controller.For switching the signal lamps, the master controller establishes communication link with the slave controllers by sending wireless ping commands.

Wi-TraC is a government-supported research project of C-DAC jointly supported by KELTRON and Thiruvananthapuram Road Development Company Limited (TRDCL).

News Sourced from “Metro Vaartha”

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