Trivandrum Monorail: Merchants are Ready to Surrender Land; if Compensation is Paid

The Monorail Project in Thiruvananthapuram project will be implemented from Technocity near Pallippuram to Neyyattinkara in 2 Phases.There won’t be much land acquisition required in the 1st phase. However, land acqussion will be a challange for the authorities when the 2nd phase of the project kick starts in Thampanoor to Neyyattinkara corridor. Government should acquire land in some locations especially in Balaramapuram where roads are too narrow. According to the local people including the merchants, if Government proposes good package as compensation they are ready to surrender land.

Another major hurdle in the second phase is permission from Railway authorities as the monorail have to cross Thampanoor flyover on its way to Karamana. Forseeing this Government decided to complete the project in two different phases. Government will approach Railway authorities for the permission when the first phase of the project kick starts.

Skywalk is proposed from Thampanoor Monorail station to KSRTC bus station, Railway station and to East-fort crossing powerhouse road. Pedestrians will  be allowed to use the skywalks without any additional charges. Advertisement boards, ATM counters, Soft drink counters and ‘FRIENDS’ Janseva Kendra’ are also proposed in Skywalk targeting additional income.

Monorails are environment friendly as electricity is used to power up engines. Beams which holds monorails are coming up at the center of the road, so less chance of cutting trees. When compared to other MRTS technologies Monorail requires less land acquisition and it causes very less interruption to normal road traffic. Overall its best suited to a city like Thiruvananthapuram.

News Sourced from “Metro Vaartha”

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