Plea to Rebuild Kallar-Ambasamudram “Tranvancore Passway”

Kallar – Ambasamudram road which is also known as “Travancore Passway” built by the British, couple of centuries ago, was a road linking Thiruvananthapuram and Thirunelveli from the pre-independence period and that is now in disuse. The road would be highly benefited as the the distance between Thiruvananthapuram and Thirunelveli can be reduced considerably. At present one has to travel a distance of 240kms to reach Thirunelveli from Thiruvananthapuram.

The Travancore Passway has a lot to tell about British invasion and the bloodshed which occurred after that. As the road was connecting Travancore and Tamilnadu it was named Travancore Passway.

History says, Kulathupuzha – Kallar – Thirunelveli road was also planned, evidence shown in Travancore records. The road starts from Kallar which is in Nedumangad Taluk and ends in Papanasham near Thirunelveli.

Kerala State Government is fully ignoring the potential of this road but on the other side Tamilnadu is has developed the road up to the border.

News Sourced from “Mathrubhumi”

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6 Responses to Plea to Rebuild Kallar-Ambasamudram “Tranvancore Passway”

  1. kennady kandar says:

    veera chola vamsam

  2. babu says:

    defenitely it will help all passengers,merchants,students etc not only from Tirunelveli but also beyond placeslike Thoothukudi,Virudunagar,Madurai

  3. Gopinath says:

    People of Tirunelveli district will get this road connectivity soon… Tirunelveli – Trivandrum Via Ambasamuthram and Papanasam

  4. M.I.Kuruvilla says:

    who will bell the cat when it comes for forest and environmental clearence

  5. gopinath says:

    Tamilnadu & Kerala government will take initiative for this project. Lots of road project come through forest in india. So environment clearance is not a big matter….

  6. K R Nair says:

    Distance of popular route at present via NH47 to Tirunelveli is not 240 KM as mentioned in the article, it is mere 150 KMs. Thiruvanathapuram to Nagercoil is 65 KM and Nagercoil to Thirunelveli 85 KMs.

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