Trivandrum Monorail: NATPAC to Propose Skywalk at Thampanoor !

NATPAC will submit an ambitious project for a “Skywalk” at Thampanoor in its feasibility stuty for Monorail in Thiruvananthapuram. The Skywalk has been proposed as a safe route for pedestrians and monorail passengers who travel between the proposed Monorail Station, KSRTC Bus Station, Central Railway Station (all located at Thampanoor) and City Bus Station at East Fort.

Skywalk” is a popular concept in developed countries and used as a connectivity medium between two or more city joints. The covered structure of the Skywalk will give commuters protection from weather. The NATPAC team is seriously considering Skywalk as an alternative to the proposed foot over bridge at Thampanoor to connect the Railway Station and Bus Station.

“The proposed overbridge will connect Railway Station and Bus Station. It may be extended to the city bus station at East Fort. But, it won’t be connected to the proposed monorail station at Thampanoor,” said a source in the NATPAC team. The proposed main monorail station will come up in front of Sreekumar Theatre, which is about 300 metre away from central bus station and central railway station.

The Skywalk will connect the Monorail Station with other Rail and Bus stations and thus ensure continuous connectivity. “A passenger can directly come out of the Monorail Station which will be above the ground level and enter the Skywalk. Then he can reach the KSRTC, railway or city terminal without being disturbed by the speeding vehicles,” said the source. Another advantage is that East Fort can also be connected to the Monorail route. “There will be passengers reaching East Fort from the West. They will prefer Monorail to travel to Palayam or Technopark, if a safe walkway is provided,” the source added.

A multi-level parking area close to the proposed Monorail Station is also under the active consideration of the project team. “Since Thampanoor is the connecting point for people coming from the South and the East, a parking lot is a must. The existing parking lots in Thampanoor have already gone beyond its capacity,” he added.

News Sourced from “Times of India”

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