Thiruvananthapuram Central: Lacks Facilities, thus a Nightmare to Get Ticket on Time !

Thiruvananthapuram Central Railway Station is one of the busiest stations in South India is terms of passenger traffic and most important hub in South India in terms of its location. It is also one of the most profitable station under Southern Railway Division. It has a daily earnings of Rs.20 Lakhs.

Despite all these facts this railway station lacks in the number of ticket counters, at peak hours its a nightmare for passengers to take tickets and board a train on time. Railway officials are showing negligence to this station since a long time and they are not at all interested to increase the number of ticket counters.

The seven ticket counters at main entrance were installed in 1987 and a total of 5000 tickets were sold daily during that time. But now a total of 16000 tickets are issuing daily from these seven counters at main entrance and are following their older system to issue tickets. So passengers have to wait in queue for long time, and its a common scene that queue exceeds beyond the main entrance of the station.

Recently they installed a ticket counter exclusively for ladies and foreigners, but still its not a solution as far as present traffic is concerned. There are provisions to install two more ticket counters in the main entrance of the station, but there is no such initiative from railway officials.The status of second terminal is also same. A total of three ticket counters are here and a plenty of vacant spaces available here to setup new ticket counters.

Lack of employees are another issue being faced here. Although a total of 30 employees are necessary here at the main counters only 26 are working. Due to that, existing employees working more time and causes problems to passengers in getting tickets on time.

News Sourced from “Mathrubhumi Nagaram”

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