Vizhinjam’s delays, Mad Projects’ Quick Progress!

In the last couple of weeks, there has been a frenzy of activity in Thiruvananthapuram over a handful of infrastructure projects that could theoretically add up to over Rs 1,30,000 Crores of investment. Ordinarily, this would be mind-blowing news for a State whose cumulative infrastructure investment in the past 62 years may be less than this figure.Unfortunately, except for one notable exception, the enthusiastic activity has been for the benefit of fantasy projects whose probable outcome will be at best, intense embarrassment, and at worst, a State bankruptcy!

It may sound presumptive to generalize, but it seems that the speed with which a project is approved in the current regime seems to be inversely proportional to the feasibility of the project. The wilder, weirder the project, the fast it gets approved?!

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About Ajay Prasad

Born: Dec 2nd 1980 Trivandrumite, Indian Ex-management consultant and now in the Real Estate Private Equity industry. Went to CET, IIM Calcutta and MIT. Happily married and shuttles between Cambridge, USA and Trivandrum, India.
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