Conscientia 2012 : IIST Annual Technology & Astronomy Festival @Thiruvananthapuram

The Annual Tech and Astro fest of IIST is at your doorstep !!! From March 1st-4th, 2012 you will reawaken your greatest weapon to learn – Curiosity. Here you shall find all sorts of things that take up your time, from balloons to robots, debugging to science fiction writing, mechanics to stargazing. Here you shall be subjected to questions at the speed of light. Count stars. Question laws that have been taken for granted. Defy resistance and make circuits. Defy probability and win.

Indian Institute of Space Science Technology (IIST) Thiruvananthapuram is organizing its annual technology and astronomy festival – Conscientia 2012  which will be starting from March 1, 2012 and culminating on March 4, 2012.

Conscientia 2012 will provide an excellent platform to exhibit the best talents in science and technology.The fest is specially designed to celebrate creativity within science to reinforce our relationship with a subject that is not only boundlessly fascinating but also vital to our future prosperity and quality of life.It aims to be the biggest technical festival in the state of kerala with a large number of events, lectures and workshops, quizzes thriving on domains of Space Technology , astronomy, robotics, applied science etc.

A little step starts your journey to unknown realms of knowledge and experience. Conscientia is Latin means “knowledge”. So no matter what you come with, you always leave Conscientia with knowledge.Take a little step of the never ending journey with Conscientia, in IIST from March 1st-4th, 2012, because Conscientia 2012 is bigger and better. Be there!!!

APARIMIT: Astronomy events

  • Cosmic clash
  • Astroreflections
  • Messier Hunt

CYBERIA : Online events

  • Webbed
  • C^3
  • Mathematris
  • mobius Strip

VIHANG : Aeromodelling events

  • Air strike
  • Techflight
  • Prashepan

KALEIDOSCOPE : Science in practice

  • Panchmantra
  • Imahe-In
  • How Adam did it
  • Phyknight

PARIPATH : Electronics events

  • LCD
  • Circuiter
  • Electromania

BOT IN THE ACT : Robotics event

  • Bots-Up
  • Line follower
  • Salisthalchar

PHILOSOPHIAE NATURALIS : Theoretical sciences

  • Paper Presentaion
  • Black box
  • Techquiz
  • Gaming

MECHAMORPHOSIS : Mechanical events

  • Junkyard wars
  • Machinist
  • screwed
  • Icecream bridge
  • Contraptions


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