E-Tutor Tablet – India’s First Cloud-based Tablet Solution

Sam Pitroda, advisor to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Wednesday launched the country’s first cloud-based tablet solution for school students called ‘e-tutor tablet’. This can be used by students from Class 1 to 12. Priced at Rs.7,500, inclusive of content, the product would be available in the market from April onwards. The e-tutor tablet is a joint effort of Thiruvananthapuram Technopark  based e-tutor and Oztern Technology.

Ranjith Balan, Founder and Managing Director of e-tutor, said that this will be the first complete solution for education to be made available on Tablet PCs. “The teacher can easily explain concepts using the digital whiteboard that is set up in the Tablet PC. Using e-tutor learning tablet the students can access what was taught in the classroom and can also access the collaborative learning platform for discussions on relevant topics taught in the classroom,” said Balan.

The product is also aimed at making internet a safer place for children. E-tutor tablet safeguards the connectivity from the personalized Tablets PCs provided as a part of the solution, and restrict it to connect to internet only through the synchronization module in the product. Detailing on the technology, Saiju V. Stella, CEO of Oztern Technology, said cloud computing technology can bring about a major leap in the way technology is being used in the educational sector.

“Most of the technology products available in the market today for education act as teaching aids rather than learning aids. Cloud computing also fulfills another major social commitment by reducing the carbon emissions, from dedicated servers and data centres that consume huge amounts of energy, thus making computing more energy efficient and green,” said Stella.

Lessons will be made available to the learner through personalised Tablet PCs, and regular content updates will be made available through a unique cloud – tablet sync mechanism, thus making sure that the device connects only to the relevant locations to access content.

About Cell Technologies (e-tutor) &  Oztern Technology

Cell Technologies is a company engaged in e-learning software development.  Cell Technologies provides education interactive, convenient and effective with the help of animations and virtual lab facility. Cell Technologies (P) Ltd is equipped with highly experienced software engineers, animators and academicians. Our objective is to serve the clients with high standards. The innovative products of the Company helped us to gain good customer relationships.

Cell Technologies has a dedicated design house that delivers end-to-end multimedia solutions. Cell Technologies provides both offshore development and maintenance services at its development centre in Technopark as well as onsite services at the client location worldwide. Cell Technologies have operations in international segments like Singapore and Middle East. All our e-learning software is branded under ‘e-tutor’ a unique brand name of Cell Technologies.

http://www.myetutor.in/Oztern Technology (P) Ltd. is a technology driven company founded in 2009, headquartered at Technopark Thiruvanathapuram, India. Oztern is one of the early stages cloud based solutions and service providers for the education industry in the world capitalizing on Microsoft’s Cloud Computing Infrastructure Windows Azure platform.

Oztern has realized that in today’s economic environment, as organizations try to balance out and optimize their training budgets, Cloud computing based solutions can be an effective strategy to reduce their training costs. Oztern has envisioned the need of reducing time and cost for developing customized applications for educational and training institutions in the cloud. Rainbow is another cloud based program developed by Oztern. Rainbow is an easy to use, simple knowledge management platform that any business user can use to gather and organize the scattered knowledge assets that exist in their organization, be it a corporate, educational institution or government body, with zero programming knowledge and efficiently deliver it to the learners within no time.


News Sourced from “The Economic Times”

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  1. Jayaram says:

    its a nice concept,whether i can become the re seller / consultant for E-tutor?

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