Snorkelling Picks up at Eve’s Beach in Kovalam

Domestic tourists have taken a liking to snorkelling at Eve’s beach and for those looking for an adventure at Kovalam, all you need to do is approach Kunjumon and Vijay. Tourists make a beeline for their service everyday that starts at 8am every morning.

“We provide a catamaran ride and snorkelling off Kovalam every day. Our service is approved by the government and as per rules we can only take two persons at a time. With four catamarans, we cater to eight tourists during one ride. Our catamarans are not motorized and rowing is not an easy task and consumes time.

So on a sunny day we can organize five to seven rides. We are locals and do not have office space to register tourist information or pre-book customers,” said Vijay.

Snorkelling involves swimming through a body of water while equipped with a diving mask with a shaped tube called snorkel. Vijay offer a breathing apparatus and clear goggles but he has no wetsuits. If a customer gets picky, Vijay convinces him that a lifejacket will ensure his survival.

Vijay said with proper equipments observing underwater attractions for extended periods becomes very easy.

There are no corals in and around Kovalam and spotting underwater life is difficult near sandy beaches in murky waters.

The only feasible diving spots happen to be near the rocky parts of the coast where colourful fishes, mussels and plants can be observed. Since fishermen practice shore seine fishing at Lighthouse Beach, the only spots available are Edakkal rocks and a strip near Leela hotel.

“The best time to go snorkelling is from December to March when the sea is calm. We charge approximately Rs 500/hour and we operate from 8 am till 5 pm at Edakkal rocks. Of course, we do take a break around noon.” said Vijay

News sourced from ” Times of India

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One Response to Snorkelling Picks up at Eve’s Beach in Kovalam

  1. jp says:

    can anyone provide contact no. of the guys who organise these snorkelling trips

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