Snaps of Vizhinjam Harbour and its Surroundings

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Vizhinjam Harbour is a historic location in south Thiruvananthapuram close to the charming tourist destination Kovalam. Vizhinjam was the centre of the region’s commercial activity and its reputation as a major port in the east reached all edges of the world. The population of Vizhinjam is diverse, with more or less equal distribution of all three major religions. Vizhinjam had been an international centre for trade and commerce way before the other ports in the region were even baptized with a name.The Arabs, The Dutch and The Portuguese had arrived to conduct business here before Vasco da Gama ever stepped foot on Kerala’s soil at Kappad beach in Kozhikode. The church that the Portugese built near the present fishing harbour area is still functioning and is now known as the ‘Old Vizhinjam Church’.

At present, Vizhinjam is a fishing harbour and also a thriving tourist destination, with the entire area dotted with world class Beach Resorts and Spas. Cruise ships also docks at Vizhinjam so often. The plan to have an international shipping terminal at Vizhinjam is more than half a century old.Vizhinjam  has a close proximity to the international shipping route and the natural  depth of the harbour is favorable for Mega Container Vessels.

The numerous fishing boats and the busy port bustling with activity is quite a sight to watch in Vizhinjam. The mosque situated near the harbour presents one of the most beautiful sights in  Thiruvananthapuram.

Photo Courtesy Krishna

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