Once a Rowdy, Now Showstopper on the Ramp

Om Prakash walks the ramp as showstopper during the Trivandrum Fashion Week held at Mascot Hotel. —DC

Om Prakash walks the ramp as showstopper during the Trivandrum Fashion Week held at Mascot Hotel. —DC

Disclaimer from this blog: This blog does not approve of his alleged misdoings that are or were sub-judice.  This is an archiving effort of the various aspects of Trivandrum Fashion Week 2012

Om Prakash hates to be known as the accused in the Paul Muthoot murder case and is trying on various garbs to get rid of his rowdy past.

Earlier, he had appeared as an Ezhava leader, as the district treasurer of Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam (SNDP). The other day, he was seen strutting down the ramp in dark glasses, a dark choker T-shirt and faded jeans at the Calendar Launch of Trivandrum Fashion Show.

Om Prakash was the showstopper of the day, the celebrity model who drew the largest and the most sustained applause. The show came to a rapturous close with his strut.

The organisers of the fashion show admitted that they were cashing in on Om Prakash’s deadly mix: his killer good looks and outlaw past.

“He might have been accused in a number of cases but Om, with his dashing looks, is extremely popular with the young crowd, especially girls,” said Roopesh Giri, the designer of the show. “We wanted to garner maximum publicity for the event and so we roped him in.”

Om Prakash sounds like a reluctant model. “I agreed to do the photo shoot and the ramp walk only after these kids persistently requested,” he said.

But he too has his intentions. “By participating in such events I think I can convince the public that I am just an ordinary guy,” he said.

“It is sad that people still refer to me as accused in the Paul Murder case even though I was exonerated more than two years ago.”

News and image sourced from “Deccan Chronicle

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