Cult A’way 2012 @ Sree Chithra Thirunal College of Engineering,Thiruvanathapuram

Sree Chithra Thirunal College of Engineering,Thiruvananthapuram presents, Cult a’way 2012. After the success of our 1st edition, this promises not just to be any college fest, but a festival itself. Be there, make it count! March 1-4 , 2012…The stage is set… The heat is on…
As the lights blaze and the speakers blare, the crowd roars in frenzy.

Be there to witness a rare and unique festival as another season of joy and celebration dawns upon us.

Sree Chithra Thirunal College of Engineering is proud and privileged to present the second edition of Cult a Way, the brand that set its roots deep amongst us last year. With venues ranging from our beloved college campus to the lush and sprawling Kanakakunnu Palace Grounds, the four day event is sure to leave you wonderstruck. Treading on the standards set by its prequel, we are all set to make Cult a Way 2012 a spellbinding experience.

There will be events,,loads of them….
There will be prizes..loads of them too…
but the question is….


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