Resort of The Week: Over the Hill

Perched on a hillock overlooking the scenic charms of Poovar, Over the Hill is ideally placed away from all the hustle and bustle of city life. At Over the Hill, the lush green landscape takes you into its refreshing environment where you experience nature at its best. Just take a breath in and know the purity of Mother Nature that surrounds you with a reassuring arm. It is a perfect getaway to shrug off all the worries of your busy life and indulge in the myriad splendors of the bountiful nature.

Sprawling over 4 acres of beautifully landscaped property, Over the Hill offers a pleasant and serene retreat to rejuvenate your spirits. Besides its stunning locale, Over the Hill drenches you in opulence with its elegantly furnished interiors, classy decors & cozy rooms. The fine dining at Over the Hill is an exquisite culinary experience with a variety of delicious traditional and international cuisine. The gentle and courteous hospitality of our staff bring you the much needed warmth of a home. All these marvels take Over the Hill to the top of traveler’s favorite list.

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