Platinum Status for Sreepadmanabha Theatre,Thiruvananthapuram

Shortly after winning the best outstanding theatre award in the recently-held International Film Festival of Kerala, Sreepadmanabha Theatre has bagged another honour after it was included in the list of 15 theatres, recommended by the state-appointed Theatre Classification Committee, to be conferred with Platinum status. It is the only theatre in Thiruvananthapuram city to have secured the position in the list.

Sreepadmanabha, one of the oldest theatres in the city, has always ensured to give a wholesome cinematic experience to its viewers. It is perhaps the only theatre in the city to undergo frequent renovations.

The key features of the theatre include the new Christie 2K digital projector equipped with 3D colour wheel, imported silver screen and premium quality seats, made of polyurethane foam, which boast of multiplex standards.

The same quality seats are made available for the viewers in the balcony and also first class.

The seating capacity was also slashed from 1,150 to 959 in order to increase leg space between the rows. LED lights were also installed on aisle seats so that viewers did not face any visibility problems while entering and exiting the dark movie hall.

Gireesh Chandran, the managing partner of the theatre, says that they incur a loss of ` 25,000 per day after reducing the seating capacity. “But we are not hindered by these small losses while trying to give the best to the viewers,” he said.

Besides all the amenities, the theatre also has installed as many as 16 Infra Red cameras.

 News Sourced from The New Indian Express dated 29.12.2011

Image Courtesy Malayala Manorama, The Hindu

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One Response to Platinum Status for Sreepadmanabha Theatre,Thiruvananthapuram

  1. Sree Padmanabha is a good place to watch movies nowadays. I have recently watched “Indian Rupee” and astonished seeing the changes that took place in the place. Its wonderful that we have a platinum rated theater in trivandrum. We expect more theater to follow the Sree Padmanabha getup and style soon. The one thing lacking at Sree Padmanabha is the non availability of parking space. We have an option to park the vehicle at Gandhipark , but its usually not available on demand as its the major parking slot at East fort.

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