Technopark Store, The Online Store for Techies

An exclusive online store was born in Technopark a few months ago. This techie-centric store under, the community portal for everything related to Technopark and the IT industry, is where they now shop for office accessories, gift items, gift vouchers, corporate gifts, health and wellness products and security gadgets, among others. “We are adding more products. We encourage employees to earn something from their hobbies by selling various artefacts they make,” say Renjith and Suryajith, who are associated with the portal.

If pepper sprays for self defence has been an all-time hit, there are takers for retractable ID card holder reel, gifts such as elephant/houseboat miniature, Aranmula mirror and Nettoor Petti, paintings (original works), books and CDs too. Now on sale is a X’mas kit, comprising figures of reindeer and Santa, balloons, paper decorations, gift boxes, small stars, Santa masks, coloured bags, silver balls and drums, all or Rs.500.


Greeting cards are here to stay. Santhosh Kumar S. believes so and has even given a twist to them. Handmade greeting cards made by him – using paper strips – is now on sale on Technopark Store. “The art is called paper quilling. I get the coloured strips and tools from Mumbai, with about 50 colours to choose from,” says Santhosh, a staffer of UST Global.

He coils each strip with a tool, then he uncoils it before gluing it on paper.

“Then I shape it like a leaf, drop, coil or circle. It is then glued to the base card as flowers, butterflies, X’mas tree or any shape I wish. You can personalise these cards with photos or words, written using black colour or metallic pen,” he explains.

While he has posted 12 cards online (one has been sold), he regularly gets orders from friends and colleagues. The price starts from Rs.150 onwards.

Each card comes with a handmade cover that complements the theme.

Article Sourced from “The Hindu Metro Plus” dated 22.12.2011

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