Asia’s first Holography Studio Coming up at Kovalam

Thiruvananthapuram-based Light Logics Holography & Optics has set up Asia’s first holography studio at Kovalam, near Thiruvananthapuram, a top company official said.

“We have already set it up, though a formal inauguration is pending. By February, 2012, we will begin commercial operations. We are also seeking marketing tie-ups with established companies to set up holography studios in every Indian metro,” said Light Logics Holography President P T Ajith Kumar.

The company has also developed a holographic solar panel technology, which doubles the efficiency of existing conventional solar panels and is waiting for the government to fund the technology.

Conventional silicon-based solar panels have an efficiency of roughly 12 to 15 per cent and the solar cells can capture only about 120 watts from the 1,000 watts of solar energy that falls on a square metre surface area.

“Light Logics’ holographic solar technology actually doubles this efficiency to more than 30 per cent, to get more than 300 watts per square metre, that too at a lesser cost if these are mass-produced,” said Ajith Kumar.

“We are expecting funding for this technology from the Ministry of Natural & Renewable Energy. If funding is delayed further and they don’t respond for two more months, we will licence this technology to a US company,” he added.

The company is also eager to commercialise its low cost spatial light modulator, which is a device to load laser beams with information, besides the technology to make holographic photopolymers, which is called the ‘silicon’ of photonics.

“We are also in the process of commercialising a digital holographic non-destructive testing camera for evaluation of aerospace components, developed from ISRO technology. The same camera can be used in precision testing and evaluation of undersea petroleum pipelines as well as airplane tyre testing,” he said.

The company also plans to commercialise its holographic dot matrix mastering machine, which can be used for introducing very high security holograms in currency notes, visas, passports and high security documentation.

“With holographic images, it is possible to track and trace individual currency notes through a unique holographic signature, which is virtually impossible to duplicate,” he said.

News Sourced from “The Economic Times”  dated 18.12.2011

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